Arlene Le was born and raised in Philippines. She's a mother of two girls at PS/IS 102Q. She's an active volunteer; previously serving on the PA Executive Board as Treasurer and a member of the SLT (School Leadership Team). Arlene's dedicated team member by maintaining a firm commitment to accuracy and efficiency. She is grateful of her family's opportunity to attend a neighborhood school that is  progressive with an incredible community of parents and students. 



Liesyl Jereos is a parent of a seventh grade student. She's been volunteering at the school since her child was in Kindergarten. This is her first year to serve on the PA Executive Board. She enjoys volunteering because it's a good experience to meet fellow parents and learn about all the different cultures at the school. 



Imelda Saibuddhabun, is a parent of an eighth grade student at PS/IS 102Q. She's been volunteering at the school since her first child (now a tenth grader in High School) was in Kindergarten. Previously, she's served on the PA Executive Board as President (2 years), Secretary (2 years), and Treasurer (2 years).



Rosemary Padilla is from Honduras and a parent of a third grade student at PS/IS 102Q. She wants the best for our students so they can succeed.



Jennifer Alviar was born in California and raised in Texas. She's a parent of a second grader in the Mandarin Dual Language Program and a Pre-Kindergartener. She graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and previously worked as a Project Manager in Fashion Advertising. This is her second year to serve as the Communications Secretary for the Parent Association and a parent member of the SLT (School Leadership Team). She's thankful to be a part of this vibrant school community!

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