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Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The Title I Parent Advisory Council (PAC) represents the Title I parent community. The Title I PAC participates with the School Leadership Team (SLT) in the joint review, planning and improvement of the school’s Title I program, and the development, revision and review of the parent and family engagement policy. To meet its responsibilities the Title I PAC will work in a consultative role with the SLT and communicate with the school’s Title I parents.

A minimum of 1% of the school’s Title I allocation is set-aside to fund the parent involvement activities included in the school’s Parent and Family Engagement Policy and SPC. The goal of these funds is to build the capacity of the school’s Title I parents to become effective partners with the school to improve student achievement. Title I schools and parents of students served in the Title I program must jointly agree upon the use of these funds to support increased parent involvement in all activities related to the improvement of student academic achievement.

Title I PAC Members

  • Lea Geronimo, Title I PAC Chairperson

  • James Lee, Title I PAC Secretary

  • officer 3, vacant

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